Alumni History


                                                                                        Message from Mr. Batha 1952:


This has been a trying year for Chester High School.  It is not easy for a new school to get under way.   Traditions must be established; rules must be made; new situations must be met and conquered.  By and large you students have done a fine job of adjusting to the problems and have helped to set standards that the future students of this high school can follow with benefit and pride.  Your enthusiasm and conduct as spectators at athletic contests has caused favorable comment by the older schools in this league;  your teams have been good winners and have kept up their fighting spirit to the end when losing.

Much more has been demanded of you than of most students.  You have given much more than most students.  Let us hope that we can grow from these first beginnings so that the Chester Volcanoes will be synonymous with good sportsmanship and fighting spirit in whatever they do.


The first year book from 1952 with the class history and a message that the beginning

of the foundation of our traditions had been established along with the school constitution.